My Money Tools Adds Award Winning Planning Tools

Since its launch, MyMoney Australia has has enhanced the MyMoney.Tools platform into a “one stop shop” for their personal finances. Building off the platform’s original functions, the updated version now comes with more features to give the user a more complete and professional experience.

The latest to the platform is the addition of the award winning solution MapMyPlan. Clients of MyMoney will now be able to access Map My Plan with 24/7 access to their own financial roadmap, building their financial literacy and confidence. This will assist consumers because it helps people solve a simple problem initially and then makes it easier to start on their personal advice journey. 

From the moment that users log into the MyMoney Tools platform, they are greeted with a dashboard full of ‘customisable’ visual metrics and widgets. By keeping the notion of ‘customisation’ and ‘relevance’ in mind, the user will never feel as though they are being bombarded with useless information or a cluttered dashboard that drowns them in information; instead, the user interface is very simple and allows for micromanagement for what is most important to the user.

As a self-described “financial and money fitness tracker” designed to promote self-control and awareness over a user’s accounts, the team at MyMoney has realised the need for more ‘enhanced Do It Yourself and Do It With Me services’ being offered. For example, the new features added to MyMoney.Tools include:

  • Online Personal Advisory
  • Personal Insurance monitoring,
  • Goals and budget refinement,
  • Expense tracking,
  • Rules based analysis,
  • Real estate monitoring,
  • Superfund analysis,
  • MyGoals®️, and
  • Other special offers.

As part of the global trend of financial aggregation and on-demand applications to help track, manage, control money and finances MyMoney in keeping true to its roots and founding member’s ideas, the personal management system will remain focused on providing clean and understandable data to its clients to ensure better and more effective design refinements and professional engagement.

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  • Do you have a clear vision for where you want the product to be in one month, six months?
  • When you advertise a programmer vacancy how many applications do you get?
  • How many people have left, and how many have joined in the last year?
  • Do you have people working for you now, who worked for you elsewhere in the past?
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  • How many releases have you had in the last year?
  • What keeps you awake at night?
  • Do you make interviewee’s write code?

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