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MyMoney Launches iMoney® For Accountants


MyMoney has continued with the enhancement of the platform with the addition of iMoney®. Leveraging off the experience as a public accountant and building off the platform’s original functions, the updated version now comes with more features to allow accountants in practice to provide a simple modular experience for delivery of services to their clients.

Clients using the solution for their practice will now be able to access direct shareholdings from online brokers and major share registries. The access will allow greater transparency, easier reconciliation, simpler tracking of all holdings and with the ability to simply consolidate the information for reporting including bank statements, credit cards and loan accounts.

To assist accountant, the solution comes with an integrated chatbot solution from Ding®. Using the power of machine learning and natural language processing, Ding can answer a number of general queries the accountant wants to set as simple and easy messaging. Communication channels include Skype, Messenger, WeChat, Line, Kik Viber and Telegram. Aligning with the on-demand iMoney® service, Ding chatbot will always be there to help out, and will continue to grow and be more effective the more frequently users engage with the bank of questions and answers.

Practices and their clients are offered a standard dashboard that they can customise with the information that they want to view and  visual metric widgets. By keeping the notion of ‘customisation’ and ‘relevance’ in mind, the user will never feel as though they are being bombarded with useless information or a cluttered dashboard that drowns them in information; instead, the user interface is very simple and allows for micromanagement for what is most important to the user with the help of the accountant.

iMoney®’s application is designed to promote self-control and awareness for the client with the guidance of the accountant, the team at MyMoney has realised the need for more ‘enhanced Do It Yourself and Do It With Me services’ being offered for accounting practices. For example, the new features added to InvestmentView include:

  • Online automated tailored advisory
  • Personal Insurance monitoring,
  • Goals and budget refinement,
  • Expense tracking,
  • Rules based analysis,
  • PropertyTracker,
  • MortgageTracker
  • SuperTracker analysis, and
  • MyGoals®️

As part of the global trend of financial aggregation and on-demand applications to help track, manage, control money, finances and keeping true to its roots and founding member’s ideas, the accountants platform will remain focused on providing clean and understandable data to its clients to ensure better and more effective design refinements and professional engagement. Aggregating and providing a consolidated picture for the client within a practice is only part of the picture, providing financial literacy, education and facilitating and understanding of goals and guidance through advisory tools.

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