My Money Now Chats Away

MyMoney Australia, an accounting and financial services technology company has recently developed a platform to assist individuals with managing their personal finances. In what was seen and believed to be a very retrospective looking profession, the launch of MyMoney.Tools will now give users the ability to manage, view and plan their accounts in a forward looking manner.

As an online, interactive platform, members can access from either their computer or mobile device, and still experience the same ease of usage without any of the lag. As a self-describe “financial fitness tracker”, the purpose of the app is to promote self-control over one’s accounts, with the ideal result of continuous usage being financial freedom. However, with the developers having many years of experience within the industry, there is a strong understanding that the ideal result does not come without some professional help.

To assist the average-user, the solution comes with an integrated chatbot solution from Ding® called ‘Melanie’. Using the power of machine learning and natural language processing, Melanie has been designed to answer a number of queries ranging from taxation, to methods of saving, and even arranging a meeting with a real person. Aligning with the on-demand nature of the MyMoney.Tools service, the Melanie chatbot will always be there to help out, and will continue to grow and be more effective the more frequently users engage with the bank of questions and answers.    

Another interesting feature that MyMoney.Tools has integrated into the solution is the MyGoals®️ concept of saving. It is through here that members can set goals regarding how they want to spend or save their money. Combined with the ability to visualise figures, this promotes the idea of sequential progress (as opposed to instantaneous success), with each milestone/stage being represented in a comprehensive, clean, and understandable manner.

MyMoney.Tools prioritises the security of every client’s financial data. The platform’s data management system has allows users to easily connect to their bank and credit card providers and other data sources. Here, user data is stored in a trusted location which is able to track any transfers both to and from a user’s account and warn users of any suspicious activity surrounding their accounts. This is vital to enabling clients to focus of their financial outlooks knowing that their information is safe and secure.

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