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It is all too easy to copy and go back to the past. It takes vision to move into the future.

Mobile Optimization

Consider the opportunities and requirements for your business in the mobile smart device area.


Dynamic is the future. Keep up with the latest of trends, insights and experience

Our Innovation

Providing the knowledge is one part, Putting together the day to day plan is another, Handing the situation when the pressure is on and not going quite right

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Our client’s testimonials speak louder than any of our web content.

Wow, they really know how to get the best out of us to guide my business


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"They really know their trademarks, but most of all they understand how to use them to advantage with our strategy"


We are delivering the future in your hands


My Money can provide a comprehensive package of solutions for the business that wants to expand and leverage the opportunities that exist from intellectual property, smart and mobile devices, financial services and the digital economy.

How Is Your Intellectual Property Performing Today

Want to understand the opportunities that exist with digital engagement and intellectual property. We have the expertise, vision and determination to build future business.

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